Saturday, February 23, 2013

All 2012 Trip Logs Done!

As February draws to a close I have finally finished all my trip logs for the 2012 tripping season.  I have also been spending time planning trips for the upcoming season.  Thus far I have six trips planned with three already booked and the fourth to be booked just hours away.

This years fishing trip I plan on going to the McKaskill Lake Cabin to fish McKaskill and the surrounding lakes.  I've only been to McKaskill a few times but they have been either by vehicle or by helicopter for work purposes so this will mark the first time I've canoed into it.

My solo trip this year will encompass the low maintenance route west out of Canoe Lake, doing a loop up through Maggie, Clara, Brule and back to Canoe Lake.  I've done half of the routes in the area already so this trip will close off the gaps left to do in that area.

July will mark the third annual trip with my dad and the boys.  This year though my wife and mom will accompany us to Shirley Lake.  I'm hoping we can acquire the site I did with my wife last July as it will be great for the kids.

I will also be under taking a trip with my wife again this year.  So far not sure where but there are eight options on the table that my wife will have to decide on in the next little while so I can book the trip.

August will also mark the 30th year of canoe tripping in Algonquin with my dad.  So this year we will be retracing the route we did 30 years ago with a couple of modifications.  The original route was Canoe - Burnt Island - Big Trout - Perley - Petawawa River (below Catfish) - Nipissing River - Burntroot - Trout (now White Trout) - Canoe.  The lakes we camp on will vary slightly as we are now able to travel more efficiently than we did three decades ago.  The direction will change slightly as we will travel down the Nipissing River to Cedar Lake rather than up it.  I would rather tackle the 2345m portage from the Petawawa uphill than the 1930m uphill from the Nipissing to Remona.  Although longer I find it the lesser of the two evils.  The other change might be coming out of McIntosh back to Canoe Lake.  Originally we did the 2320m from McIntosh to Ink Lake and I've done that portage several times since and don't enjoy it too much.  So the other option I'm considering is heading west from McIntosh into Brule and down Potter Creek, but that will all depend on the water levels for that time of year.

Given that this is the 30th anniversary of my first canoe trip in Algonquin I will try over the next couple of months to post the original trip log from that excursion.

Besides the trip logs for this past season I have also posted two other documents.  One is an alphabetical list of all the lakes, ponds, river & creeks that I have paddled in Algonquin which adds up to 377 bodies of water.  The other is a proposed trip route for a five month canoe trip through Algonquin.  This is something I would like to undertake once I retire many years down the road so by no means is the route set in stone and there is still lots of logistical planning to undertake.  So if anyone has any feedback on it, or anything else I've posted, feel free to drop me an email.

Until the next time may the sun always be in your face and the wind at your back.  Happy paddling!

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