Thursday, June 7, 2012

 Two Down, Four to Go!

Since my last posting I have put two trips under my belt for the season.  The first was my annual fishing trip with my Dad and the second was my first solo trip in eleven years!

For our fishing trip this year we decided to relax a bit and car camp at the Achray Campground on Grand Lake on the east side of the Park.  We took the little motor boat in and fished Grand a bit but mostly we canoed and fished the surrounding lakes.  Unfortunately we didn’t catch a thing this year which was a first.  Despite that it was a great trip as always.

I also embarked on my first solo trip in eleven years.  It seems hard to believe that it’s been that long but work and the wife and kids have a way of limited what I used to be able to do.  For my trip I headed out of the Tim River access point to Big Bob, down the Nipissing River to Loontail and Latour creeks, into Rosebary, Mubwayaka and north back into Tim Lake.  It was a great trip and with more conservative packing than in the past I was able to get away with one medium sized pack and do all my portages in one carry.

Trip logs for the two trips will be posted shortly as soon as I get them transcribed from my journal.

So now I’m back at work in the Park.  Next trip will be our annual staff trip that us Naturalist do prior to programs getting started.  It’s a great way for us to get out and explore a part of the Park that some of us might not get to experience otherwise.  This year it looks like we are heading south down to the panhandle out of Kingscote Lake, up to Scorch and then down the York River.  I’m looking forward to this trip as, apart from Kingscote Lake, I haven’t really been to this section of the Park.  The other possibility we had was heading into Dickson to White Partridge and up White Partridge Creek then the Crow River to Lavieille and back down to Dickson.  This would have been my first choice as it would have covered some areas I’ve wanted to get to in a while.

After that trip I still have three trips left to go.  A trip with my wife, our first in seven years, to Shirley Lake.  Then a trip with my two boys, my eldest’s second and my youngest first and lastly my annual trip with my Dad in August where we’re heading south of Highway 60 for the first time in probably close to twenty years.

I may try and squeeze another solo trip in the fall but that will have to depend on work and if my wife will let me get away for another trip.

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