Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Let the melting begin!

Finally things have started to thaw in the Huntsville area just outside of the Park.  While there is still a good 2-2 1/2 feet of ice on the lakes I'm cautiously optimistic that ice out will be at the end of the month.  So as I sit here enjoying my coffee and listening to some Solitudes I wait with eager anticipation for the inevitable breakup of the lakes.

I have also just completed transcribing my final trip log from the 2013 season and all five are now posted.  Re-reading them and sorting through all the pictures gave some relief to the cabin fever over this long winter but also has me itching to dip my paddle back into those Algonquin lakes.

As mentioned in an earlier post I have five trips planned this year with a possible sixth.  I may try and get out on a late fall trip after Thanksgiving once work is done for the season.  The route I'm considering doing is heading out of the North River access point and down into Cedar, one of the Georges, Radiant, Allen and back out at the North River.  I'm looking forward to this trip as I will be heading into Wabamimi, Big & Wee George as well as Blackbass which will close off some gaps on my main route map.  Speaking of which, I may post a map online which shows just what i have left to do and when I plan on doing it.

The fall trip will also give me some time to do some birding on Radiant as I'll be there for a couple of days.  I should get some good fall waterfoul migrants coming through that time of year and maybe the odd shorebird will show up.  There's always a good chance for Bald Eagles as well and it seems like every time I've been to Radiant I've sighted an eagle.

Besides the lake there is also Odenback Stn, a large open area which is good birding as well.  The only thing I'll have to be careful of is the Algonquin First Nations hunt will have just started so if I head off the lakes or beaten path I'll need to take precautions.  I guess I should start shopping for some blaze orange outerwear!

Like many of you out there here's to hoping that the ice goes out sooner than later.  Happy paddling!

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  1. Your trip-logs are always a joy to read. And to see you out with family members is great! I've got some hours set aside to sit back and enjoy some good reading tomorrow! Thanks for putting them online.