Friday, March 16, 2012

Final Trips Booked & First Mosquito

Just finished booking the final two trips planned for the upcoming tripping season.  I'd like to thank those that voted for the trip I should do with my Dad in August.  Dad had narrowed it down to two trips and let me choose which one to do.  I dissected each trip over and over weighing the pros and cons until the day came when I could phone and actually reserve the trip.  Despite the numbers in the poll I opted for the route out of Cache to McGarvey, South Galipo, Louisa and out to Cache.  That was one of my top choices last year and when I got thinking about it it has probably been over fifteen years since I have done a trip south of Highway 60.

The other trip I booked was the one with my wife in July.  After much deliberation we decided on a relaxing trip to Shirley Lake for a few days.  This will be our first trip together since our Temagami excursion in 2005.

The weather here in Muskoka has been extremely warm over the past week with the snow melting quickly.  The forecast for the next week has temperatures in the high teens and low twenties.  I had been thinking there would be an early ice out this year for the Park, about mid-April, not imagining that there could be an April 1st ice out as there was two years ago.  Now I'm beginning to think that ice out could be the end of March!

Although it is still officially winter I saw my first mosquito of the season this morning hanging off of my dining room ceiling!  Not sure if that's a sign for a good but season or an ominous one.

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