Thursday, February 2, 2012

2012 Solo Trip

Well it looks like this year I might get to do a solo trip,  my first since 2001!  I use to do a huge number of solo trips as I'm particular about who I canoe trip with.  So other than doing trips with my Dad it was usually just myself and I love it.  But with a new job, then a wife, then kids my solo tripping days sort of went by the wayside.  I actually had a three day solo trip planned at the end of May back in 2009 but that weekend it actually snowed up here in Huntsville and the Park so I ended up cancelling.

So with my wife's good graces I'm planning another trip for the end of May before I head back to work in the Park.  I thought I had a trip all planned out then I began looking over the Canoe Route Map and saw a couple of other trips that intrigue me.  One of my obsessions is filling in gaps on my CR map where I haven't been before.  So now I have three good routes that would fill in some new areas for me.  The simple solution would be to do all three but the days when that would have been a reality are long gone.  If I'm lucky maybe I'll squeeze in another solo trip in the fall.

So in a nutshell here are the three options I'm considering for my solo trip.  I'll post a new poll below to hopefully get some feedback and if anyone wants to offer more than their two cents on the routes feel free to drop me a line.

Trip 1
Start: Tim River
Night One: Big Bob
Night Two: Rosebary (via Nipissing R. & Loontail Cr.)
Night Three: Mubwayaka
Out: Tim River

Trip 2
Start: Canoe Lake
Night One: Maggie
Night Two: Clara
Night Three: Brown
Out: Canoe Lake

Trip 3
Start: Cache
Night One: Delano
Night Two: McGarvey
Night Three: Hilly
Out: Oxongue River @ Hwy. 60

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